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High-end Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TIME®2190


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About High-end Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TIME®2190

TIME®2190 portable thickness gauge is the latest high-end ultrasonic thickness gauge developed by TIME Group Inc. It adopts pulse refection principle, that is, the transducer sends ultrasonic pulses to travel through the test object and receives the reflection pulse from the backwall of the object. TIME2190 can nondestructively monitor the thickness of almost any material like metals, plastics, composites, fiberglass, ceramics, and glass. It is used to test the wall thickness and corrosion of various kinds of plates, pipes, boilers, vessels across industries like metallurgy, shipbuilding, machinery, chemical, aerospace, power, automotive, oil and gas, manufacturing and others. Generally speaking, TIME®2190 thickness gauge has the same or even better quality and functions than the famous brands but is less expenstive. It is the best cost-effective choice for you.
  • A scan and B scan, various single and dual crystal probes with different methods for multiple complicated application
  • Suitable for wide range measurement while keeping high accuracy
  • I-E testing mode, T-E testing mode, E-E testing mode with coating
  • Gain adjustment ranges from 40 to 99dB
  • 320x240 color LCD, TF card, large storage of 500 file with 1000 data and waveform for each
  • WIFI, USB interface
  • Sound alarm and different modes are available
Standard Delivery   Optional Accessory
Main unit 1 Communication cable
5MHz dual crystal probe  1 Standard test block
Couplant 1 1MHz single crystal probe
    TSTU32 Probe
    5MHz single crystal probe
    15MHz single crystal probe


  Technical Specifications

Measuring range


Display resolution

0.001 mm, 0.01 mm or 0.1 mm

Sound velocity range

508 m/s~18699m/s


AA batteries (3 pcs)

Operating temperature



508 m/s~18699m/s

Weight (g)


Dimension 187mm×87 mm×43 mm