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Acrylic vacuum desiccator (SNO-type)


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About Acrylic vacuum desiccator (SNO-type)

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Mid-sized desiccator for a wide range of uses

Vacuum desiccator with a compact design for sampling storage, and storage and control of sensors, optical jigs and gauges and the like in the best positions.

* 100V 2P outlet is provided on the inside of the container at the bottom left at the back surface, and a switch is provided on the outside of the container on the TAP type.




Code Model drawing
0390 SNO type (PDF)
4713 SNO-TAP type -


Model SNO type SNO-TAP type
Outside dimensions (mm) 320W x 223D x 470H 320W x 255D x 470H
Usable inside dimensions (mm) 240W x 180D x 260H 240W x 152D x 260H
Vacuum gauge One piece; For 0 to -0.1 MPa
Valves 2 pieces; Nozzle diameter 9mm
Packing Made of silicon
Rack shelves 2 racks as accessories;
rack thickness: 5 mm
weight Approx. 11kg