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Needle Thermocouple Thermometer


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About Needle Thermocouple Thermometer

  • New and compact shape with NEW DESIGN patent
  • Folding stainless steel probe, protective device safestorage.
  • Temperature unit C or F is selectable
  • Model 98820 features Needle detected Temp.and ambient temperature by pressing button to cycle
  • Compact 3.2mm+4.8mm needle with thermistor sensor
  • Quick response. High accuracy
  • Flip the needle upward to activate operation, store the needle in storage position to end measuring.
  • Big LCD display 28x14mm with high resolution
  • High , Low temperature alarm setting for food inspection purposes
  • Enable Auto power off and disable function
  • Warranty in 2 years
  • There are three (3) needle type: Air type , needle /penetrate type, round tip type for selection
  • Pen size for easy to portable around or put in shirt pocket
  • Package supplied with Meter , operation manual , battery , wrist strip in a paper box
  • Water resistant design , washable needle and tip