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Low Speed Precise Cutting Machine JMQ-12


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About Low Speed Precise Cutting Machine JMQ-12


JMQ-12 low speed precise cutting machine is mainly used to cut small cylindrical, square metal body and electronic circuit board material. The cutting force adopts weight blocks for constant load of automatic cutting; it automatically stops when the cutting is finished. It uses micrometer device to adjust the thickness of the sample cutting for precise cutting, therefore can be used as TEM sample preparation equipment. The rotating speed is controllable; to avoid burning the sample due to overheating, the machine is equipped with a strong cooling system. The diamond cutting disc will bring out the cooling water when cutting to cool the cutting disc and the sample. The surface of the sample after cutting is bright and flat without burns. The equipment has easy operation and maintenance and is an excellent machine for cutting small material and electronic circuit boards.


Main Parameters

Diamond wheel diameter


Cutting capacity

25×25 mm, Φ30mm

The liquid crystal display mode, touch pad control

Rotating speed of cutting

50~800r/min (stepless)

Power supply

220V, 400W




24 kg