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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TIME®2110/2113


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About Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TIME®2110/2113

TIME®2110/2113 is a basic and affordable ultrasonic thickness gage designed for non-destructive testing. It is light (weight 140g), easy to use and accurate. Despite its compact size, TIME®2110/2113 ultrasonic thickness gauge supports automatic non-linear compensation with computer software to correct the non-linear errors of the probe for the purpose of improving the accuracy. It also can be used to measure the sound velocity of a certain material through its thickness.



  • Free conversion between metric and imperial
  • Automatic calibration of zero point: automatically correct the system errors
  • Automatic non-linear compensation: computer software is used to correct the non- linear errors of the probe for the purpose of improving the accuracy
  • The upward and downward adjustment keys enable prompt selection of sound velocity, thickness, and check the thickness memory units
  • Prompt indication for coupling state
  • Sound velocity can be measured according to the test block’s thickness
  • Ten thickness values can be stored without loss after turn-off
  • Sound velocity of five different materials can be stored directly needless to search in the conversion table
  • Low voltage indication and Automatic turn-off
  • Oil proof protection for longer service life



Standard Delivery

Optional Accessory

Main unit  


5P 10/90 probe  (1.2~225.0mm)

5PФ10 probe  


SZ2.5P probe  (3.0~300.0mm)



7PΦ6 probe  (0.75~60mm)

AAA battery  



TIME certificate  



Warranty card  



Instruction manual  




Technical Specification

Measuring range 


Display type

4-digit LCD

Minimum display unit

TIME®2110  0.1mm

TIME®2113  0.01mm

Sound velocity range 


Measuring error

±(1%H+0.1) mm, H is the actual thickness of the object to be measured.

Power supply 

two AAA alkaline cells 1.5V

Power consumption

working current is smaller than 20mA(3V)

Operating temperature

0℃~ 40℃

Dimensions (mm) 


Weight (g)