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Advanced Versatile Surface Roughness Tester


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About Advanced Versatile Surface Roughness Tester

TIME® 323X series is advanced high-end surface roughness measuring instruments with wide testing range (±400µm) and high accuracy (tolerance±5%, repeatability 3%). Meanwhile, TIME® 323X surface roughness tester features with skidless/skid measurement, which means it can reach smaller and harder to reach parts than other conventional tools. Up to 55 paramenters for roughness, waviness and primary profile are supported. TIME®3233 is the latest portable stylus type surface roughness tester developed by TIME Group Inc. Separated driver makes it flexible to address different specimen. 50mm tracing length can fully test waveness. 


TIME®3233 conforms to the following standards.

1. GB/T 3505-2009 Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS)--Surface texture: Profile method. Terms, definitions and surface texture parameters

2. Geometrical product specifications (GPS) - Surface texture: Profile method. Nominal characteristic of contact(stylus) instruments

3. SEP1941-2012 Measurement of the waviness characteristic value Wsa (1-5) on cold rolled metallic flat products.




  • Separated design, easy and convenient to use, especially for narrow spaces down to 1.5mm
  • 55 kinds of measurement parameters conform to ISO/DIN/ ANSI/JIS standards for your convenience
  • High accuracy in the surface roughness, waviness and primary profile testing.
  • LCD displays digital and graphic information
  • Numerous optional sensors to approach even the most inaccessible places, with or without lead.
  • Transfer to PC via RS232 with advanced PC Software TIMESurf for more analyzing management, and data can be stored in Excel file.
  • Printer can be connected to print the digital and graphic information
  • Wide measurement range up to 800 um, with the Accuracy 5 % and Repeatability 3%
  • Adjust angle and lifting height by your choice.
  • Full length waving testing with the maximum tracing length up to 50 mm.



Optional Accessory

Printer TA230

PC software TIMESurf

RS232 communication cable


Technical Specifications

Assessed profile

R (Roughness),
W (Waveness),
P (Primary profile)

Measuring range

±400μm, ±25μm


RC,PCRC,Gauss,D-P,ISO 13565


R: Ra,Rp,Rv,Rt,Rz,Rq,Rsk,Rku,Rc,RS,RSm,Rlo,RHSC,Rpc,Rmr(c),RzJIS,R3y,R3z
W: Wa,Wp,Wv,Wt,Wz,Wq,Wsk,Wku,Wc,WS,WSm, Wlo,WHSC,Wpc,Wmr(c),WzJIS
P: Pa,Pp,Pv,Pt,Pz,Pq,Psk,Pku,Pc,PS,PSm,Plo,PHSC,Ppc,Pmr(c),PzJIS
Rk: Rk,Rpk,Rvk,Mr1,Mr2

Cut-off length


Max. tracing length


Analysis graphs


Evaluation length









10 groups of primary data

Data output


Power supply

Li battery / AC adapter

Dimensions (mm)


Weight (g)