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Dry Keeper : Auto-C type (Auto desiccator)


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About Dry Keeper : Auto-C type (Auto desiccator)

Auto type adopts a high performance dehumidifi cation unit ED-1
which maintains the inside humidity at 30% to 40%RH.

Full automatic system. Replacement of silica gel is unnecessary. Humidity inside the desiccator at normal temperature is maintained at 30% to 40%RH, and is perfect for long-term storage.

Dehumidification capability is improved substantially by adoption of a fan for inside air circulation convection flow.

Shelf plates can be adjusted in 15 steps at 28mm intervals to match the size of the stored items. Slim vertical type design does not take up space.

*The inside humidity is slightly different depending on the set room temperature and usage conditions.

Body cabinet:PVC; Frame:ABS

About hygrometer :

Use the front door hygrometer as a guide. (The hygrometer is a metal spring type. Since an error is produced by shock, etc. use it only as a guide.)


Code Model Specification Drawing
0001 Auto C-3B Latch door type Shelf plate 3 plates (PDF)
0002 Auto C-3W Latch door type Shelf plate 3 plates (PDF)
0003 Auto C-3BS Latch door type Shelf plate 3 plates (PDF)
0004 Spare Shelf board (for C-3)    

C: Vertical-type, A: Horizontal-type
B : Frame black; bodyclear transparent
W : Frame white; body clear transparent
BS : Frame black; body smokey transparent (which prevents deterioration and discoloring of the
stored items are offered.)


Outside dimentions 312W×390D×617H mm
Effective inner dimentions 255W×332D×428H mm
Material Body cabinet:PVC, Frame:ABS
Power source AC100V; 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption 9W
Weight Approx. 7kg