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Ethylene,propylene Refractometer w/atc


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About Ethylene,propylene Refractometer w/atc


Without Light

  •  For testing concentration of battery fluids (Specific Gravity - SG), antifreeze liquid, and cleaning fluids
  •  Can be used to measure the freezing point of either ethylene glycol or propylene glycol based cooling systems
  •  Also used for checking the strength of electrolyte solution batteries
  •  Can also measure the concentration of ethylene glycol or propylene glycol in antifreeze liquids
  •  Units with light use three 1.5 volt “button cell” batteries (not included)
  •  Automatic Temperature Compensation (Range 10°C - 30°C)
  •  Instructions included
  •  Ethylene Glycol Range: -84º to 32º C Min. Div. 5º F Accuracy: ±5ºF
  •  Propylene Glycol Range: -60º to 32ºF Min. Div. 5ºF Accuracy: ±5ºF
  •  Battery Fluids Range: 1.100-1.400 SG Min. Div. 0.01 SG Accuracy: ±0.01 SG