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Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) Electrodes: Retraceable "Hot-tap" Sensor -- PH87/97


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About Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) Electrodes: Retraceable "Hot-tap" Sensor -- PH87/97

The Model PH97 electrodes are designed to be durable and rugged for use with the PH87assemblies. Each PH97 holds four separate elements in a rugged Ryton™ body whichincludes a pH bulb guard and an anti-blowout restraint. A metal impregnated Ryton solutionground, a double-junction reference, universal pH glass (0-14 pH) and a PT1 000 temperatureelement compose this pH system. In many applications the large volume reference reservoirwil provide an extended functional lie.Optional ORP (:t 5000 m\l or patented solid state reference electrodes with a unique ionictrapping system are available for specialized applications.

The Model PH87 assemblies are constructed of chemically resistant titanium sheathes and are used with Model PH97 sensors. The retractable assembly is suitable for “Hot-Tap” service and is removable from a pressurized process line or vessel without interrupting the flow or draining the tank. The insertion assembly is suitable for service in a process line or tank where variable insertion lengths are required. Blowout protection is provided by the flared tip design of the titanium sheath that provides a metal-to-metal stop during retraction. Integral junction boxes are provided for simple installation and wiring.