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Pipettes and Tips: EDP3 Multichannel -- E2X8-100


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About Pipettes and Tips: EDP3 Multichannel -- E2X8-100

The RAININ EDP3 electronic multichannel pipette has been designed to master the challenges today's most demanding pipetting tasks. Its microprocessor-controlled stepper motor eliminates user-based variance and ensures maximum precision anytime, always and user-independent.

Thanks to the LTS LiteTouch-System, these pipettes offer an absolutely consistent sample pick-up on all channels. No hand-tightening, no inconsistencies, no hassle: Pure performance. The various pipetting-programs make it a great choice for just about any application from pipetting to dispensing, mixing and titrating.

Filled with ergonomic features and a long-lasting battery, the EDP3 allows for hours of easy and consistent operation.

Discover the ultimate tool for all your pipetting needs, for single-and multichannel pipetting.