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Ultra Low Temperature Freezers | UF V 700


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About Ultra Low Temperature Freezers | UF V 700

ULTRA.GUARD™ ultra low temperature freezer

The new BINDER ULTRA.GUARD™ ultra low temperature freezer ensures safe long-term storage of samples at -86 °C. This ultra low temperature freezer is based on a multi-stage security concept, which offers everything that laboratory staff want from reliable operation to ease of use and system integration to the emergency exchange service!


Features : 


Features Customer benefits Characteristics
  • Freezer can be opened and closed effortlessly


  • Automatic door system permits comfortable and safe operation


  • Rapid access


  • Secure sample storage


  • Defined user group


  • Access records


  • Extended data storage

“Push-button“ operation

Automatic electronically controlled door mechanism

Unique: advanced RFID Technology

RFID key card controlled access and availability of a large protocol database

  • Superior energy efficiency


  • Low energy and operating costs

Insulation design: Internal vacuum insulation panels (VIP)

  • Large surface insulation around all 6 sides


  • Optimized utilization of internal space due to the narrow VIP design (can accommodate up to 52.800 samples)
  • Easy data transmission with PC requires no extra software (PDF Reader)


  • Supports FDA guideline 21 CFR Part 11



Different network versions adaptable to customer specific requirements

Easy Data Monitoring

  • Recording of temperature using a USB data logger


  • Integrated PT 100 provides independent data recording


  • Communication interfaces as part of standard equipment
Noise level Quiet operating environment
  •  49 dB(A)
  • Easy operationPrevents manipulation


  • Simple relocation


  • Leveling and positioning at point of application
  • Password protection


  • Solid, large casters for in-situ positioning with adjustable feet


  • Easy air filter access, no tools needed
Deicing kit
  • Comfortable and easy deicing routine requires no personnel
  • Deicing tray for convenient discharge of water from deicing
  • Increased safety features


  • In the long term high quality guarantees
6-years SERVICE.PRO™
Options and accessories
  • A single-source solution


  • Maximum process safety
  • Extensive accessories


  • Validation and documentation records


  • FDA-compliant APT-COM™ documentation software