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CO2 incubator - C series


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About CO2 incubator - C series



The BINDER C 150 is the fitting CO2 incubator for routine applications for cell cultivation: contamination-free thanks to 180 °C hot-air sterilization, this CO2 incubator is reliably pH-stable thanks to the drift-free FPI infrared measuring system. In addition, the BINDER C 150 distinguishes itself by its high temperature precision with excellent dynamics and eliminates the risk of condensation when storing tissue cultures - even in high humidity.




Features Customer benefits Characteristics
  • Complete elimination of bacteria, spores, etc.
  • Reliable sterilization of the atmosphere and all surfaces
  • Minimal sterilization costs

180 °C hot air sterilization

  • Standards compliance, meets all relevant standards
  • Automatic sterilization process
APT.line™ heating technology Optimal, uniform cell growth throughout the inner chamber

Preheating chamber with VENTAIR™ air jacket

  • Homogeneous temperature distribution
  • Rapid recovery after temperature drop
  • Accurate temperature control
Gas distribution Stable pH value

Gas mixing head with venturi effect

  • Homogeneous CO2 distribution
  • Fast effective aeration
Inner chamber concept
  • Easy cleaning
  • Fully usable volume 150 l
  • No Provides no sources of contamination.

Seamless, deep-drawn inner chamber

  • Integrated shelf support system
  • Burr-free stainless steel perforated sheets with tilt protection
CO2 measurement
  • Stable pH value even with frequent door opening
  • Long-term stable system
  • Low maintenance costs

Single-beam infrared sensor

  • Rapid response time
  • Measures CO2 in real-time
  • Independent of gas and humidity
Operating costs
  • Minimal operating costs
  • Time savings
Minimal work and material costs for sterilization


Spesification : 


C 150  
Exterior dimensions  
Width (mm) 680
Height (incl. feet) (mm) 820
Depth (mm) 815
Plus door handle, I-triangle (mm) 54
Plus connections (mm) 60
Wall clearance, rear (mm) 100
Wall clearance, side (mm) 50
Interior dimensions  
Width (mm) 500
Height (mm) 600
Depth (mm) 500
Interior volume (l) 150
Stainless steel shelf (number standard/max.) 3 / 6
Dimensions of perforated shelves, width x depth (mm) 491 x 442
Dimensions (external dimensions) shelves width x depth (mm) 495 x 444
Weight (kg) 95
Temperature data  
Temperature range from 7 °C above ambient temperature to (°C) 50
Temperature variation at 37 °C (± K) 0,4
Temperature fluctuation (± K) 0,1
Recovery time after door was opened for 30 sec. at 37 °C (min) 1) 5
CO2 data  
CO2 range (Vol.-% CO2) 0-20
Setting accuracy (Vol.-% CO2) 0,1
Recovery time after door was opened for 30 sec. 5 vol. % (min.) 1) 2) 7
CO2 measurement IR
Connection hose nozzle for CO2 DN 6 for hose with internal diameter (mm) 6
Humidity data  
Humidity (±2 % RH) 95
Electrical data  
IP protection class acc. to EN 60529 IP 20
Voltage (± 10%) 50/60 Hz (V) 230
Nominal power (kW) 1,4
Energy consumption at 37 °C (W) 2) 110