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About Steriliser

Our steriliser S complies with all relevant standards and regulations for medical products and guarantees reliable programme sequences, irrespective of the load and chamber volume. The validation of a Memmert hot air steriliser is possible anytime, as our exemplary process validation by an independent, accredited test institute shows.

In combination with the user-ID card, the process-controlled, electromagnetic door lock is the icing on the cake in terms of safety in the laboratory.


  • Temperature range up to +220?C (Basic) or +250 ?C
  • 9 model sizes (14l to 749l)
  • 3 performance classes Basic/Excellent/Perfect
  • Natural convection or forced air circulation N/F


Disinfection of appliances and instruments is not sufficient in medicine and research. Only sterilisation provides sufficient protection. In the steriliser of the Excellent and Perfect class, the setpoint wait function ensures that the programme is only continued when the setpoint temperature has been reached.?


  • Precisely maintaining the sterilisation time and thus completely killing off even highly resistant microorganisms is therefore guaranteed at all times, irrespective of the sterilisation load and chamber volume.


  • This feature can also be used with additional, freely positionable Pt100 temperature sensors.In this case, sterilisation only begins when the setpoint temperature has been reached at all measurement points ? that is, in the load.


  • For the special application of depyrogenisation, the hot-air steriliser S is absolutely ideal.