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Plastic Lab Jack


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About Plastic Lab Jack

  • Autoclavable


This polycarbonate jack is perfect for use in highly corrosive atmospheres or for submersion in liquid baths—it won’t conduct electricity, corrode, or rust. Polyetherimide screw threads and bushings of PTFE withstand high temperatures during autoclaving. Interchangeable parts are easily replaced in the event of breakage. The 8" x 8" top and bottom plates can be drilled for mounting to a wall. Use either top or bottom plate for support.


(If more vertical stability is required, add weights to the bottom plate.) Jack reaches a maximum height of 12"; closed height is 3". Support up to 15 lb. Note: Crank jack up, then put object on top plate. Do not use jack to lift weight from bottom position. However weight may be cranked down.


Spesification : 


Top plate dimensions : 8" x 8"


Open height : 12"


Closed height : 3"


Max Support weight : 15 lb (6 kg)