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SPE Cartridges


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About SPE Cartridges

  • Remove sample impurities the fast, economical way


Use these versatile SPE (solid phase extraction) cartridges to get rid of liquid sample impurities with minimal effort. Eliminate the excess time, hassle, glassware, solvent usage, and cleaning associated with conventional liquid-liquid extraction. SPE cartridges are also widely used to easily concentrate analytes, e.g. trace organic pollutants in environmental samples.


Flanged polypropylene cartridges contain highest quality silica media. Low levels of fines and acid washing reduce or eliminate the need to pre-condition SPE beds. Select the media and loading suitable for your application.


Spesification : 


Sorbent : Silica


Volume (mL) : 3


Cartridge dimensions, L x dia (cm) : 6.3 X 6


Mass : 500