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Chromaflex® Standard Chromatography Column


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About Chromaflex® Standard Chromatography Column

PTFE shielded o-rings form a solvent resistant, leak free seal


Chromaflex® chromatography columns have borosilicate glass construction with PTFE end fittings and HDPE bed supports. Each end fitting has a thin PTFE layer that is curled over the O-ring to form a solvent resistant, leak free seal. These columns can be used with all aqueous buffers. To use with organic solvents order optional PTFE bed supports from “Accessories” below. Columns have a temperature range 0 to 50°C; 1/4-28 flangeless fittings. Use ethylene oxide, N NaOH or 100% ethanol for sterilization (autoclaving is not recommended)


What’s included: each column is supplied with two PTFE end fittings with 20 µm porosity HDPE bed supports, five feet (1.5 m) PTFE tubing, two flangeless tubing nuts and two flangeless ferrules. Jacketed columns



Spesification : 


Product Type : Chromatography column


Dimensions : 60 cm L x 1.0 cm ID