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Spectrum Chromatography Columns


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About Spectrum Chromatography Columns

Membrane bed support minimizes clogging


Spectrum chromatography columns are made from premium borosilicate glass. Each column is constructed with non-clogging bed supports made of a thin, 10-µm membrane suspended over a more coarse, 50-µm woven grid. The column design minimizes dead volume— ensuring high resolution. All columns are autoclavable. Two classes of columns are available, designed for aqueous or organic solutions.Columns For Aqueous Solutions include PTFE®, polypropylene, borosilicate glass, and nitrile rubber wetted parts. Ideal for most aqueous solutions including most acids, bases, and salts.ts.


Spesification : 


Capacity : 9.4 mL


Volume : 0.6 mL/cm


Tubing OD (inches) : 0.1875


Material : Borosilicate Glass


Max pressure : 50 psi


Dimensions : 0.9 cm Dia x 15 cm L