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1.5mL microcentrifuge tube


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About 1.5mL microcentrifuge tube

General purpose with SnapLock capCole-Parmer Tubes are available in medical grade polypropylene (PP) and include an attached cap. All tubes feature a frosted writing surface on the tube and are graduated. Tubes are available in assorted colors (tube and cap) for quick sample identification. Boil-proof tubes are guaranteed to stay closed, even during boiling or autoclaving. All tubes are certified RNase-, DNase- and endotoxin-free for highest sample integrity.Cole Parmer maximum recovery tubes have all the features of the Cole-Parmer tubes above and are free from cavities or occlusions that cause this effect. Perfect for long term storage of long chain molecules such as DNA, proteins, etc.


Specification : 


Capacity (mL) : 1.5


Cap : Included


Color : Assorted


Graduations : Yes


Autoclavable : Yes