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High Speed Programmable Universal Centrifuges


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About High Speed Programmable Universal Centrifuges

Accomodate large variety of tubes, bottles, and plates at speeds up to 17,000 rpm


  • Microprocessor-based control panel—simply dial in run parameters and monitor them via digital display


  • Set and display speed ini either RPM or RCF


  • Ten levels of braking intensity accommodate a variety of sample products


  • Brushless induction drive motors are maintenance-free and quiet even at high speedsDiagnostic software indicates an error code on the display when it detects a problem within the centrifuge


  • Radius correction feature allows g-value calculation with compensation for different tube sizes.


  • Automatic rotor receognition ensures that maximum speed and acceleration/deceleration ratings are not exceeded


  • Automatic imbalance detection system prevents damage by gently bringing rotor to a stop.


  • Store parameters for up to ten runs.


  • Computer designed airflow pattern prevents temperature rise within chamber.


Note: Rotors are not included. These high-speed universal centrifuges accept a variety of rotors sold separately.


Specification : 


Max RCF : 26,810 x g


Speed range : 500 to 17,000 rpm in 10- and 500-increments


Power (VAC) : 120


Max capacity : 400-mL


Timer : 1 to 60 minutes


Power (Hz) : 50/60


Dimensions : 15-1/2" W x 14-1/2" H x 12-1/2"D