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High Performance Centrifuges


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About High Performance Centrifuges

Fast spinning action handles up to 3 L capacityEasy-to-use touch activated panel delivers precise control of basic and advanced functions. Rotor control changes the spin radius and sets a safe maximum speed. Internal memory stores up to 35 user-set programs, making it easy to repeat routine runs. Use the acceleration rate control to match the speed up rates with specific applications. The centrifuges fit easily on any lab workbench. Choose models with or without refrigerators. Order rotors and adapters separately.


Specification : 


Max RCF : 4,550 x g


Speed range : 500 to 6,000 rpm


Power (VAC) : 120


Tube capacity : Four x 750 mL


Speed control : digital, in 10 rpm increments


Timer : 1 to 59 sec by 1 sec; 1 min to 4 min-45 sec by 15 sec; 5 to 360 min by 1 min


Power (Hz) : 50/60


Dimensions : 23"W x 17"H x 24"D