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Fixed Speed Centrifuges


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About Fixed Speed Centrifuges

An Economical Centrifuge For routine applications 


Molded-in cover and rotor collar gasket completely contain the rotor in a seated compartment—protects against aerosols and splashes


  • Motor shuts off when the cover is opened


  • Solid steel base and suction cup keep centrifuge firmly in place.


Model 17250-00 has an on/off switch, model 17250-10 has a 60-minute timer with hold function. Verify rotor operation and tube condition through the transparent polycarbonate cover. Both models include a six-place rotor with six aluminum tube inserts for 15-mL tubes and a 6-ft cord with plug.


Specification : 


Max rpm : 3400


Max RCF : 1318 x g


Rotor : Fixed Angle


Speed range : fixed at 3400 rpm


Max capacity : 5mL


Power (VAC) : 115


Refrigerated : No 


Max tube dimensions : 130mm L x 20mm dia


Tube capacity : fixed angle 6 x 15mL tubes


Rotor (included) : yes


Timer : 0 to 60 minutes


Capacity : 15mL


Power (Hz) : 60


Dimensions : 11" W x 9" H x 12"D