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Eppendorf Variable Speed Microcentrifuges


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About Eppendorf Variable Speed Microcentrifuges

Options offer versatility—spin tubes from 0.2-mL to 2.0-mL


Compact footprint for crowded benchtops and busy labs


Accelerate to maximum speed in less than 10 secondsSafety interlock prevents lid from opening during operationDigital Variable-Speed Microcentrifuge combines easy-to-set controls with a clear digital display of time and speed/g force. Includes a 7-ft cord with plug. Shpg wt 21 lb (9.6 kg).Note: Does not include rotor. Order rotors and tube adapters separately.


Specification : 


Max rpm : 13,200


Max RCF : 16,110 x g


Speed range : 200 to 13,200 rpm


Power (VAC) : 115


Refrigerated : Yes


Temp range : 0 to 40°C


Timer : 0.5 to 99 minutes


Power (Hz) : 60


Dimensions : 11-1/4"W x 9"H x 17-1/2"D