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Digital Burette


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About Digital Burette

Delivers accurate,precise,and convenient bottle-top titration 


  • Includes calibration certificate with individual serial number 


Features continuous display of volume dispensed with zero reset for multiple titrations. New safety pedestal valve allows the fluid path to be turned off manually to prevent accidental release. Accuracy is achieved within ± 0.2%, precision better than 0.1%, resolution 0.04mL. Head can be rotated 360° for operator safety and comfort. Unit will automatically switch off without losing previous titrated volume. Parts can be dissassembled for sterilization or autoclaving at 121°C. Unit is powered by a 3.6v lithium battery; allowing a minimum life of 60,000 three-minute titrations. Includes 33mm, 38mm, and 45mm adapters.


Specification : 


Cumulative volume : up to 99.99 mL increments 


Reproducibility : ±0.1%


Fitting : 45-mm cap size;also fits 33-,38-,and 45-mm bottle necks using adapters


Wetted materials : borosilicate glass,Teflon


Power : lithium battery ( included) powers 60,000 3 minute titrations