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Electronic Burettes


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About Electronic Burettes

  • Easily calibrate to comply with GLP and ISO regulations


  • SafetyPrime valve allows priming without wasting titrant


  • Mounts directly on bottle to reduce liquid transfer 


Eliminate meniscus-reading errors with this electronic burette. View dispensed results on the LCD readout, with a resolution of 0.01 mL. Valve block rotates 360° so you can always view bottle label. The digital display easily resets to zero. Suitable for aqueous or nonaqueous solutions up to 2N.


Specification : 


Cumulative volume : up to 99.99 mL in 0.01 mL increments


Reproducibility : ±0.1%


Fitting : fits 45-mm bottle thread 


Wetted materials : borosicilate glass,PP,PTFE,ETFE,FEP,PFA,platinum-iridium,and ceramic 


Power : Lithium battery ( included) powers more than 60,000 titrations