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Nalgene Automatic Self-Zeroing


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About Nalgene Automatic Self-Zeroing

No lubrication needed for PTFE stopcock


Break-resistant burettes have clear acrylic body, polymethylpentene (PMP) tips and PTFE stopcocks. Burettes are individually calibrated to meet accuracy requirements for ASTM E 287. Unaffected by most dilute acids and bases (except HF and ammonium hydroxide). Use over full pH range. Not designed for use with alcohols or organic solvents. 
Order support stand/rod and burette clamp separately.


What's Included:Burette, cover, squeeze bottle with closure, and 3 feet of vinyl tubing.


Specification : 


Capacity : 50 mL 


Graduation interval : 0.1 mL


Reservoir : 1000 mL