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Density Determination Kit


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About Density Determination Kit

  • Denisty kit for analytical balances


Use with the buoyancy technique, displacement principle, or the pycnometer method to determine density of solid, powder, or liquid samples. Kit includes weighing pans and plummets to easily adapt to your application. Sample holders let you measure in air or in a medium causing buoyancy. Special design prevents air bubbles from adhering so results won't be distorted. Specially shaped sieve lets you completely immerse your sample to weigh a substance with a density less than that of the liquid causing buoyancy. Compatible with balances with different readability ranges—simply exchange the pan adapter. Use with most Sartorius analytical balances.


What's Included:two beakers (76 and 55 mm), bar frame, thermometer with retainer clip, glass plummet, sieve for immersing samples, sample holder, metal platform, gasket for ME models, and three adapters.