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sartorius Genius Analytical Balances


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About sartorius Genius Analytical Balances

Special Features : 


  • Genius balance are available in two models; analytical range balances and semi-micro balances 


  • N.I.C.E (Netralization by lonic Charge Elimination) eliminates statistic by neutralizing electrostatic charge on samples and tare containers 


  • Automatically open and close the draft shield by pressing on the large palm-activited keys-leaves hands free for holding sample


  • SQmin function display the minimum weight allowed according to USP 


  • Built-in application programs include counting, % weighing,chekweighing,animal weighing,formulation and totalizing,plus,density determination,time controlled functions ,statistical  evaluation,differential weighing,air buoyancy correction air density determination and an additional port 


  • Digital filtering screens vibrations for fast stabilization time of 10 seconds or less


  • ISO/GLP -compliant printouts


  • 13 built-in application 


  • Model 11222-46 and -47 feature a shorter draft shield and chamber size for pipette calibration 


What's included :  weighing pan with hanger for-below-balance weighing,power adapter,and dust cover


Spesification : 


Chamber size : analytical range balances : 10"W x 11"H x 13½"D


Semi-micro balances : 10"W x 9¼"H x 13 5/8"D


Housing size : 10"W x 11½"H x 21"D


Power : 110 or 230 VAC ,50/60 Hz